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When do you need

Career Coaching?

  • To find a career that you will like and that is a good fit
  • To change careers
  • To develop a career path and strategy in your current organization; could be you are feeling lost or lacking confidence, or you are looking for guidance and support to move to the next level
  • To start your own business
  • Before you retire to script this next chapter of your life

When do you need

Executive Coaching?

  • To grow and develop your abilities to achieve a higher level of performance
  • To move to next level of leadership with greater likelihood of success
  • To meet current challenges or obstacles in your current role
  • To manage challenges on your team and grow your ability to develop and coach others
  • To develop your executive presence and increase your influence skills as you progress to higher levels of leadership in an organization


  • is an interactive process in which the coach acts as a facilitator as well as a catalyst for change. It involves asking questions that enables you to uncover answers from within.
  • is focused on behavior and building capability for the present and future. It is results focused and guided by your agenda.
  • Leverages your unique strengths and can help develop your weaknesses.
  • involves assessments, weekly coaching sessions, and action steps between sessions. You need to be motivated and committed to the work and achieving your goals.

Career Coaching

Career coaching goes beyond career transition services. It is an opportunity to step back and reflect on your career future. It is more than finding another job, it begins with soul searching: What is your purpose or mission in your life? Your personal and professional life can’t be separated from each other! For true life satisfaction, your purpose needs to be uncovered and serve as a foundation which can then drive your choices and decisions. Remember the saying “Knowledge is Power!” This process explores your strengths and weaknesses, interests and values, often with use of assessments and exercises. With greater self-awareness, you can define both your short- and long-term goals, and establish a career objective.

Then with the tools of career transition (resume, networking and interviewing skills, etc.) you can develop a plan to land your next opportunity. With my process, you increase your chances that it is the RIGHT opportunity for you!  

Exploring Your Life's Purpose

Career coaching can be used even if you plan to stay in your current organization. If you like where you are… but feel lost, lacking direction and unsure of what is the next best role for you, career coaching can help. Once again it we start with understanding your life purpose, expand awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, interests and values, and use this knowledge as a guide. Coaching will help you review your accomplishments, clarify your short- and long-term goals, and identify paths and positions of interest within current organization.

We may explore how you can attain greater visibility and transparency in your organization with regard to your skills and goals. Improving your emotional intelligence skills, which are critical to career success, would also be a part of the process. You will walk away with a career management strategy and the knowledge/tools to continue growing in your career.

Career Coaching Package

8 sessions with 2 assessments, completed within a 4-month span
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How Does Executive Coaching Work?

  • Set objectives
  • Target competencies needed
  • Establish development plan
  • Establish metrics – How will you know it has been effective?
  • Plan, implement and facilitate coaching process
  • Evaluate

How Can You Measure The Effectiveness Of Executive Coaching?

  • Pre- and post-test evaluations and/or assessments
  • Achievement of specific goals as established by you or your company
  • Job performance measures
  • Feedback on evaluations given to subordinates, supervisors, team members

Executive Coaching Package

12 sessions, meeting twice a month over a span of 6 months

Would include a 360 assessment or behavioral interviews with those you work with,
and may include other self-report assessments to further self-awareness.