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Career Transition Services

Choosing a career or finding your next job begins with knowing yourself. We utilize assessments which will highlight your strengths, interests, and values. With this foundation we guide you through a proven process that allows you to find the right job and obtain the job offer. 

The benefits are many. Our services will provide:

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  • Knowledge – grow your self-awareness and knowledge of job searching and the job market
  • Resources – helpful information, books and websites to assist you
  • Direction – a roadmap walking you through a proven career transition process
  • Support – the road is challenging, so having an experienced, objective and knowledgeable coach can be comforting and reassuring

Our services can make a difference for you such as …

  • Save time and money by landing a job quicker
  • Save money in college tuition by making the right career decision at the start and not changing your major, adding more coursework
  • Reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence in your career choice

Coaching Services

Coaching is a partnership in which the coach acts as a facilitator.  It focuses on behaviors and results. It is action-oriented and guided by your agenda. It leverages your unique strengths. The process involves assessments, weekly coaching sessions, and working on action steps between sessions.

Coaching can:

  • Increase your effectiveness in reaching your goals
  • Improve your performance and develop critical skills
  • Unleash your full potential, and find your purpose and passion 
  • Develop a career path and strategy in your current organization or assist you in landing a position in another organization
  • Improve your team-building and leadership skills, thus enhancing your ability to connect with others and influence stakeholders
  • Partner with you to troubleshoot current workplace challenges or obstacles that interfere with your career success
  • Develop your executive presence and increase your influence skills as you progress to higher levels of leadership in an organization

Emotional Intelligence Competency Training

Emotional Intelligence or EQ, are your personal and social competencies which research shows are the strongest predictor of career success. They are more important than your IQ, and the good news is you can improve these skills at any time in your life. As an organization, you can add competency training to your current leadership development programs, and provide your leaders with another tool to lead effectively. By helping them to fully utilize their EQ, you enable your leaders to become better connectors and builders of relationships. You empower them to lead successfully to communicate the organization’s mission, get alignment, and then champion the execution of goals.

There are many benefits in developing the emotional intelligence of your people. Our trainings can:

  • Develop competencies that are proven to be critical to career success and crucial in leadership
  • Grow self-awareness and self-management skills which can lead to better performance
  • Grow social awareness and empathy and build solid working relationships
  • Expand leader capabilities to influence and to effectively develop people and teams
  • Build trust, collaboration, and more effective communication strategies in working with others… from direct reports, to peers, to higher level managers.
  • Increase problem-solving and decision-making skills by learning how to shift perspectives and utilize information and resources from others

Research shows that leaders high in emotional intelligence can make an impact to the bottom line of the business: increased performance and productivity; improved morale and a decrease in turnover; higher levels of sales and profits; improved customer satisfaction and better relationships, inside and outside the organization.

Meet the Founder of EQ Coaching Solutions, Lisa Kappesser

Lisa Kappesser Portrait
My passion has always been about helping people succeed. I have helped hundreds of people find jobs that were a good fit, interesting and in line with their purpose, interests and strengths.
With my training and experience, I will walk with you on your journey. I will encourage you, sometimes challenge you, and always support you to learn, explore and try out new behaviors to achieve your goals. Your success is our success! Although I have developed a quality and proven career transition process, I adapt and flex it to provide what each client needs, respecting each person’s uniqueness! I will share my knowledge of emotional intelligence, or EQ, which is a critical factor in success.  I can coach you on how to use your EQ in reaching your goals. 

Get Lisa's Book

The Smart New Way to Get Hired
Use Emotional Intelligence and Land the Right Job

By Lisa Caldas Kappesser, Certified Career Coach and Emotional Intelligence Expert. Foreword by Steven J. Stein, Ph.D., Author of
The EQ Edge and Make Your Workplace Count

Lisa Caldas Kappesser unveils how to identify, use, and enhance your emotional intelligence, or “EQ” to make a smart career choice, find the best job, and score the job offer. This book provides a quiz to assess your EQ skills, practical exercises and examples to teach you how to stand out in the job search. Learn how to overcome  job search obstacles, and gain self-confidence by building your self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and social skills.

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