EQ Coaching Solutions, LLC… partners with individuals and organizations to achieve their goals through career and executive coaching, and emotional intelligence competence training.

Invest in Yourself

Coaching can increase your effectiveness, and improve your performance.

Coaching can develop critical skills, such as greater self-awareness and self-management to achieve the outcomes that you want.

Coaching can improve your teambuilding and leadership skills, enhancing your ability to influence and connect with others.

For Organizations & Businesses: Invest in Your People

Develop your people to reach their full potential.

Increase retention of your talent by developing effective leaders:
Ones who lead, influence, and develop others, and create a thriving workplace.

Emotional intelligence is the critical factor that enables people to make the most of their education, experience, knowledge and skills to achieve their goals. According to a large body of research, it is the strongest predictor of career success, even more than one’s IQ, and coaching is the most effective way to develop and grow these competencies.


To partner with individuals who are in career transition, desiring to change careers, looking for a new position and those currently employed who want to reassess their career path to achieve their vision and goals.

To develop emotional intelligence competencies in professionals and executives through training and coaching.

To educate others on the importance of utilizing one’s emotional intelligence to achieve career success.


Individuals are more effective in reaching their goals by developing their emotional intelligence skills. The foundation for life and career satisfaction lies in the development of one’s full potential. This is achieved by knowing oneself, managing oneself effectively, and by accurately assessing others, the situation and choosing the best way to interact and respond. This is what we call “emotional intelligence”. Through coaching, training and practice, individuals develop these skills and thus improve their performance and overall effectiveness. Organizations that invest in their people and develop these personal and social competencies in their employees and managers will yield better business results through: improved communication, team work, customer service and leadership.


Utilize the highest professional and ethical standards to serve others with honesty and integrity.

Reinforce qualities of self determination, personal responsibility and accountability which play an essential role in achieving life goals and life satisfaction.

Provide quality, effective, and affordable coaching services, training, and development programs, promoting a rewarding learning experience and achieving client satisfaction to all who utilize its services.

The Smart New Way to Get Hired
Use Emotional Intelligence and Land the Right Job
By Lisa Caldas Kappesser, Certified Career Coach and Emotional Intelligence Expert. Foreword by Steven J. Stein, Ph.D., Author of
The EQ Edge and Make Your Workplace Count

Lisa Caldas Kappesser unveils how to identify, use, and enhance your emotional intelligence, or “EQ” for short to make a smart career choice, find the best job, and score the job offer. Her book provides a quiz to assess your emotional intelligence skills. Practical exercises and examples are given to teach you how to stand out in the job search by using your EQ, which is composed of your: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and social skills. Readers can learn how to overcome common job search obstacles, as well as gain self- confidence by building their skills and knowledge.

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